Remember, remember the 5th of November!

It’s that wonderful time of year again; the leaves are changing colour, the air is becoming cool, crisp and festivities such as Diwali and Guy Fawkes Night are lighting up our skies. It’s definitely time to get out your bobble hats, snuggly scarfs and mittens and head on down to your nearest Guy Fawkes Night! Here at we have been doing some research into finding you the best displays about town, so that you and your little sparkler will have an evening that you’ll never forget! Most importantly we will be providing you with some sparkler safety tips to keep everyone safe this 5th November! Top 3 Firework displays across the UK:

1. Battersea Park Fireworks Display (London)

Held at Battersea Park, the fireworks display will be set to music. Food will be available on site and entertainment is scheduled to commence from 6.30pm; the bonfire will be lit at 7.30pm and the fireworks start at 8pm.

Cost: from £6.50 for adults; under 10s can enter for free but will still need to book a ticket

When: November 8th 2014

2. Wythenshawe Park Bonfire & Firework Display (Manchester)

There will be a spectacular fireworks display and bonfire at Wythenshawe Park with the funfair starting from 5pm and the fireworks display beginning at 7:30pm. There will be stalls offering food and gifts from all over the world. This will surely be an evening filled with fun for all ages!

Cost: FREE!

When: 5th November 2014 from 5pm.

3. Corams Field’s Firework Display (Central London)

This fantastic fireworks display specifically caters for younger children who might find Guy Fawkes Night a little overwhelming. Coram Fields will be lighting up the skies over London’s British Museum. The short display is perfect for little ones who like their fireworks in small doses.  This is a very popular choice with child-minders and nannies all over London.

Cost: Free (but a charity donation is invited)

When: Friday 7th November, display starts at 5:15pm


Children's sparkler safety

Sparklers are SO much fun, but if we’re not careful they can be extremely dangerous. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind before you consider purchasing sparklers for your children to play with:

  1. Never give a sparkler to a child under the age of 5
  2. ALWAYS supervise children using sparklers
  3. Show your child how to hold the sparkler correctly, away from their body and at arms length.
  4. Teach your children not to run near anyone else whilst holding a sparkler.
  5. Always keep a bucket of cold water near by to put the sparklers in after they have gone out – they can still burn you!
  6. If an emergency occurs always seek medical advice before trying to treat a burn, you could make it worse.  For more information, please go to:

From all the team here at we hope you and your little one’s have a safe, exciting and fun-filled Guy Fawkes Night!

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