Is being on an extreme diet healthy whilst pregnant?

Here at, we are always talking about what’s hot and what’s not in pregnant-with-fruitthe news. This week, we talk about the bizarre diets people go on whilst pregnant. Are they really healthy for their newborn? Take a look…

Many of us have bizarre cravings when pregnant, from eating only pineapples to having a full on loving relationship with anchovies (despite hating them before) but this week, we were struck by a headline claiming that one new mother lived on a banana based diet whilst pregnant.

“I’m proof you don’t have to be a whale when you’re pregnant” new Mum, Loni Jane Anthony claimed.

The Australian came under fire six months into her pregnancy when she announced that whilst pregnant, she lived off a banana-based diet, because she was conscious of keeping her body in ‘good shape’.

But is this healthy for the newborn?

It is a well known fact, that whilst pregnant eating bananas is the perfect snack because they have ‘high levels of potassium and Vitamin B6 in them, which helps to calm stomach acids and improve digestion’. Pregnant women need 2000mg of potassium daily – one single banana is packed with 467mgs of potassium.

Many have hit back at Loni’s dieting saying “I’m not a doctor, but common sense and the knowledge I have about nutrition tells me that you have to consume more than bananas and mangos each day when you are eating for two. I really try not to concern myself with what other people eat, but it seems irresponsible to glorify the extreme fruitarian lifestyle for pregnant women.”

So, have a read here, and tell us what you think. Is it acceptable to be on an extreme diet like this when pregnant? Have your say, and let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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