“What’s that you say? A ‘date night’?”

Yes, that’s what we are talking about here at Findababysitter.com, date night. As it’s topical subject to mark Valentines Day, we wanted to dive deeper to find out who’s having them, who’s wanting them, and who needs them. Here is what our brilliant base have to say…

Last week we sent out a survey to our base, asking them whether they make time for a regular ‘date night’ with their boyfriend/partner/husband, and only 36% of parents came back to us and said that they do. Parents with children aged five and under are more likely to organise a date night (40%), whereas, parents with children over five are more likely to spend an entire weekend away (22%).

So, why aren’t we all making the effort to arrange a regular ‘date night’? Many of our users say, they simply don’t have the time or energy once they have done a day’s work AND managed to put the kids to bed (88%) – very true. As well as this being the most common reason, many parents also admitted that they would like to try it (61%).

The study also revealed that almost half of all parents in the UK admit that having children is harder than they had originally thought, however, they insist they are just as happy as couples they know without children.

Tom Harrow, dad of two and CEO of Findababysitter.com comments on our findings: “When we read that a university study had revealed that couples without children are happier than those with them, we just had to find out if that was true – for real families. We work with 70,000 families every year, helping them to find cost-effective and flexible childcare options, so I’d say we’re pretty good barometer for happy families. We make sure that the struggles that come with starting and having a family, like finding the best childcare, are minuscule compared to the happiness that children bring.” 

Angie Morris, wife and mum of two, aged two and four comments on the study findings: “My husband and I were wary of having children, for exactly this reason – it’s hard knowing when is the right time, and also, when your relationship is ready to be shared amongst a family. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I will admit, that a Monday morning school run does get me dreaming about our next date night!”

What do you think? We’d love to hear from you.

The Findababysitter.com Team


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