“Let’s extend school hours to cut childcare costs” say the Government

Findababysitter.com go under cover, to find out what our base thought about the Governments new idea of extending school hours, and here’s what they have to say.

Last week, the Government announced that policies will be put in place to extend school hours from 9am-6pm, allowing parents to return back to work and not have to worry about the high childcare costs. So, we took to Twitter and Facebook to see what our parents, Childcare Professionals, and teachers thought, and lets just say, they aren’t very happy bunnies…

As a future trainee teacher, I think it is disgusting. How do they expect us to work till that time and then spend another 3 hours on average planning, preparing and assessing the children? And what about parents who don’t work? Most children’s bedtimes are 6/7pm – they will be tired. This will cost the government loads in teachers wages as that adds up to another 2 and a half days per week, so an extra 2 weeks per month. Wasting money when it is not needed again!” - Tasha Moore

“This is terrible. I work from home and do the hours that I do because I like to spend time after school with my kids. What will happen if they do swimming lessons, dance and gym club, will that then have to be packed into a weekend? When will they eat tea…madness! When my kids are older then I will work later, but they are only young once, life is too short.” - Ali Hart

“If they don’t have to do homework at home, then its worth a try!” - Tracey Harrison

What about  babies and toddlers? That’s where the cost is…” - Suzie Millard

” I don’t think so, my kids are in bed by 7! That would mean I would have an hour to feed, bath and dry my kids hair. I would rather take the kids out of school and get them home schooled :( “ - Rhiannon Stevenson

No way! When will they have time to be children? And then there’s family time – they talk about the break down of the family unit then they suggest this??? My 4 year old goes to bed at 6, and she’s shattered by the end of the week as it is. No thank you, not for me.” - Angela Jeffery

Optional free after school clubs – great idea, very helpful and in some cases even better than frustrated tired parent “helping” with homework. But 9 hours of school, it’s ridiculous! Even grown ups can’t stay focused for that long!” - Dominika Zawalska

“ I think this is a terrible idea! So your leaving your kids in school all day with teachers, who you don’t really know, and who you rely to basically bring up your own children. What is this teaching our children? That you should spend most of your life working rather than spend time with your family!” - Yvonne Gowling

“ I like the idea of a 9 – 5 day for kids, and less holidays, but think they should have play time, reading time and more excersise (but fun) the chinese do yoga or something every morning that would be good! Will certainly help with recent news about the rise in obese children. I know as parents we should do things but it is a sad case that not all parents we should do things but it is a sad case, that not all parents do this! We want healthier, better educated kids! So it could be the way forward!” - Gemma Hawkins

So Mr Grove, what do you say to this?

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