Top Interview Questions

When it comes to meeting your new carer/ or new family, prep the questions you may ask before you have the interview. To help you with the process, have collected a selection of questions that you could ask or be asked when interviewed.

* What was the most challenging/enjoyable aspect of your previous position?

* What do you feel is the most enjoyable/interesting/challenging aspect of caring for children?

* How would you plan a typical day?

* How would you discipline a child my son/daughter’s age? Give them specific examples and ask her to comment e.g. “What would you do if my child refused to take a bath?”

* How would you react in an emergency, e.g. “What would you do if my child was chocking?”

* Do you have any future plans (attending school, moving, having children of your own) that would affect how long you can stay with this job?

If you have a top interview question that you use time after time which we have missed out on, then let us know! We love hearing from you.


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  1. Anita says:

    I am Anita Szabolcs
    I live outside london 28 years old 4 years ago
    works were just looking for a different job
    Baby-sitter, housekeeper

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