Childhood obesity

Would you blame the obesity of a child on neglectful parenting? Or because the temptation of buying unhealthy foods is to high? Recent newspaper articles have outlined arguments that it is the parents fault that their child is overweight, and have also queried whether fast food stores should be shut down near schools. So, decided to investigate.

The BBC published an article stating “childhood obesity becomes a child protection concern when parents behave in a way that actively promotes treatment failure in a child who is at serious risk from obesity.” Parents can be so preocupied on working life, that many fail to make sure their child eat five fruit and veg a day, or fail to make sure their child excersises. But whether this is down to neglectful parenting or simply because a parent can’t juggle the work load, remains the question.

Deaths caused by obesity in the UK is rising. It is a worry that obesity levels in children alone, are so high. Today, the average family struggle to afford to eat healthily. It’s true to say that buying a ready meal is cheaper, and far less hassle then making a meal from scratch. When talking to our base, they are always wanting the cost of ‘bad’ foods to increase, and the cost of ‘good’ foods to decrease.

We asked our followers whether ‘fast food should be banned from opening near schools? and this was there response:

- “No I think children should be educated by their parents better while they are young. So eventually they realise the healthy food choices they will need for the rest of their lives.”

- “Yes, I think it should be banned as they encourage unhealthy eating and it’s so cheap to buy”

“As a mum, yes, that would help, but in reality it won’t happen. I didn’t have any shops near school but passed many when catching the bus home – and it was always very tempting.”

What do you think? Let us know!

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  1. Graham King says:

    The government need to review and change the diet guidelines and refrain from copy in the US FDA guidelines which were originally created to help the US farmers, not ensure health of citizens, (why on earth we would copy the fattest nation in the worlds food guidelines is unfathomable in any case, you don’t need to be that bright to work out what was going to happen), the food pyramid is a joke! they should remove the grains portion totally, tax sugar out of existence and ban artificial sweeteners and flavourings like aspartame and MSG.

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