Top Tips for Keeping Fit after Easter

Easter has been and gone, and how many chocolate eggs have you eaten? I’d dread to think… With a focus to get back into tip-top shape especially for the summer, we better start getting active! Here are’s helpful tips to help you get back into shape after the Easter break.

These boots are made for walking

You don’t have to set aside an hour of your day to run on a treadmill in a gym to meet the government guidelines. Build in small amounts of exercise throughout your day.  Take the stairs rather than the escalator.  Walk a little bit further by choosing to park further from the supermarket or office and walk.  Replace a coffee break with a brisk 10-minute walk, and listen to music or ask a friend to go with you to make it more fun. Walk your children to and from school if you can. Every little helps!

Push it

Pushing a baby in a push-chair can be quite a work-out! Make it harder by pushing them up a hill, or by adding shopping bags for extra weight. There is a great exercise programme for new Mum’s and their babies called Buggy Fit – it’s definitely worth checking out!

Weight training

Work those arm muscles by using your baby as a weight!  Lie on your back and holding them in your arms, raise them up and then draw them towards you slowly to tone the muscles. Spending time with your kids is much more fun than pumping iron in the gym.  If your kids are too big to lift now, try carrying heavy shopping bags to the car that you’ve parked that little bit further away.

Just dance

Make chores more fun (and more energetic) by playing music and encouraging your kids to dance along whilst washing up and laying the table. It might look silly, but we guarantee you’ll have more fun!

Do you have any more fun fitness ideas? Let us know!

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