From Dummy to iPhone: FAB’s Top 5 Educational Apps to Buy

A recent article in The Telegraph states that one of the most important goals as a parent is to make sure that their child’s mind is stimulated by what they are doing, whether that’s at school, playing sport or being with their friends. It is important that your child enjoys what they do or else they will switch off and find things harder to learn. One of the easiest ways of keeping your child stimulated is to enhance their learning through technology. In our previous blog the team came up with the best 5 free educational apps for your child. This links onto the following article where we have spent time researching the top 5 best educational apps to buy , because like you we also believe a child’s education is hugely important.

1. Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar £1.99

Based on Eric Carle’s famous book ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ this app allows your child to follow the hungry caterpillar through mathematical puzzles and adventures. Your child will learn how to count, subtract and add the caterpillar’s food over five levels of entertainment, as well as enjoy the colorful graphics of the cartoon. This app is suitable for a range of ages and will keep your child entertained for hours.

2. Barefoot World Atlas £2.99

If your child enjoys geography as a subject and has accomplished the ‘free app’ of world discovery as featured in our previous blog, why not try this app as an essential buy which allows your child’s geographical learning to stretch.  This app features a digital globe, which includes music and animation that will draw your child’s attention for hours of fun. Your child will also explore photographic entries on countries, people and nature allowing them learn about things far and wide.

3. Your Fantastic Elastic Brain £1.99

This app has been created especially for children who are five years and up. ‘Fantastic Elastic Brain’ teaches your child about brains through creative illustrations and animations. This allows your child to explore some more complex scientific issues, whilst throwing in a few “brain workout” games to help them test their brainpower that little bit further.

4. Peppa Pig Me Books £1.99

Every child loves Peppa Pig and through this innovative app bought to you by Penguin it allows your child to listen or read along to the adventures of Peppa Pig through interactive learning. A key feature of this app allows your child to record its own dialogue for every page, so they can learn to story tell through the images of Peppa Pig and friends. This app will be the bed time story your child will never want to put down!

5. My A – Z £1.49

‘My A – Z’ app allows your child to learn the alphabet through a variety of different flash cards. As your child goes through the app they can add their own photos and personalize sounds to help remind them of the letters. So for instance, if a picture of a cow appears for letter ‘C’ your child might record a sound such as ‘moo’ so that whenever the cow appears your child will hear it’s personalized recording and this will remind them of what it is. This is a fun, interactive app that allows your child to be creative as well as learn the alphabet.

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