Top Five Outdoor Activities for Families

Brave the cold and get your family out in the fresh air. Encouraging your kids to be active will help them establish healthy habits as they grow up. Struggling to think of things to do? Don’t worry, we put our thinking caps on to come up with ideas for you. Here is our pick of the best outdoor activities for families!

Photo safari

Make going on for a walk in the park more exciting by turning it into a photo safari! Take a camera with you and give your children a list of things to find and photograph. See if you can cross them all off the list before you get back!


Pretend to be pirates on the hunt for hidden treasure! Geocaching uses technology to find ‘treasure’ hidden in many places across the UK. Why not let your kids dress up to add to the fun? For more details and to find your nearest trail check out the geocaching website.

Join the RSPB Big School’s Birdwatch

Grab your binoculars and play eye-spy to help the RSPB. Spend one hour between 21st January – 1st February 2013 looking for and counting the birds that use your school grounds, or local park. Once you’ve done your Birdwatch, you’ve got until 17th February to submit your results online.

Prepare for Spring

January marks the start of a new year and new resolutions! Sow sweet peas now for summer, or plan a vegetable garden. Getting your kids gardening is a great way to teach them that hard work and patience can reap rewards come spring and summer when they have lots of lovely home-grown treats.

And if the weather outside really is frightful…

Choose one of these great rainy day activities!  Pretend your skiing in the Alps at Chill Factore, or imagine you’re in a tropical rainforest in the domes at the Eden Project.

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