New Year’s Eve with Kids

Stuck in with the kids this New Year? Here are some ideas to make your 2013 start with a bang!


Throw a party!

If you can’t go out, get your friends and their children to come to you.  Kids love nothing more than a grown up party, a chance to dress up and stay up that little bit later than normal.

Pamper yourself

The chances are your kids will be fast asleep before the bells so take the chance to pamper yourself, a bubble bath and glass of champagne – start your year as you intend to go on.

Have a movie night

Take advantage of the packed television schedule and indulge in a movie.  There are classics such as The Sound of Music & Jurassic Park

Make a Wish! 

Write wishes for 2013 onto paper lanterns and fly them into the sky – watch your children’s delight as their dreams fly into the sky.

Enjoy the fireworks

Midnight will see the sky light up – have your own display or as a cheaper option watch them on the TV.

Can’t stand the thought of staying in? Have to go to that party? Check out our emergency childcare professionals in your area.

Have a great New Year’s Eve!

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