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Getting great applications for your jobs is not as difficult as you may think. And as we see so many each day we thought we’d put together a quick guide to improve your job listing and help you attract your perfect Carer.

Create your job listing
This is your opportunity to sell your position to the carer, and show why your household is the perfect environment to work in. Open up, the more they know about your family interests, the easier it will be for the perfect carer to spot.

Begin with your requirements
- The type of carer you require
- Qualifications/ skills needed
- Your location
- The age of the child
- Interests/culture you could share with their family
- The key personality traits you desire from a carer

Ensure the first two lines of your description are enticing as these are seen when carers are searching for jobs.

Upload a picture of yourself/ your family. Select an image that portrays your personality, it may be the first thing a carer sees so ensure that your home and surroundings look enticing, looking for inspiration? Check out some of our current live childcare jobs.

Contact carers
It’s quick and easy to do. You can search our live carer profiles here and when you sign up to one of our great monthly plans to invite carers to apply for your job.

Once your job listing is live – share it! Add it to your Twitter/ Facebook profile – and ask your friends and followers to share it on your behalf, the more eyeballs that see your job listing, the greater your chance of finding the perfect Mary Poppins.

Good Luck

The Team

Emma Baron

About Emma Baron

Marketing Executive in the metropolis, for bringing great advice to parents and child care professionals in the UK. Connect with Emma Baron.
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