Calling all Childcarers. Apply for background checks on is now the only childcare search site in the UK to offer backgound checks directly to candidates. Carers can now apply for background checks directly from the site. We have partnered with Experian, a widely known and credible company in the UK which performs various checks such as Credit checks, CRB and background checks.

Background check

For £15 a candidate can purchase a background check directly through Then withen 1 – 3 days FAB gets a response from Experian and if successful they will have an approved background check. For candidates this means they will have a ribbon on their photo saying ‘background check’ adding credibility to their profile. This also counts towards their profile completeness %.

The background check proves an individuals identity. Experian will check their address history and full name against their extensive database and confirm they are who they say they are helping parents feel safer in their childcare search.

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One Response to Calling all Childcarers. Apply for background checks on

  1. noelia says:

    Will this background check work in general like a normal CRB, for other jobs that I apply outside FAB?

    Thank you

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